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Rant ~ So after ages of working myself up to be brave and just go for it, I went to the the pool with my brother. I was going to go swimming for the first time in years as long as I could wear a binder and t shirt. I get ready and then told that I can’t wear a shirt in the water.
Are you fucking kidding me. So mad. There’s no reason why. Asdfghjkl

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Blink-182 // Stay Together For The Kids

I had the most insane dream.
It felt so real. Holy shit.

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“The first time Kurt and I slept together was at a Days Inn in Chicago, we were having our first postcoital moment, and we’re watching MTV and the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video came on. I pulled away from him because it was his video, his moment, he was the king of the fucking world, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. Which was symbolic, like, I’m letting you into my life. That really endeared him to me,” - Courtney Love.

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